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WinverUWP: unofficial modern version of Winver for Windows 11 and 10

A fancy new user interface and lots of modern touches are one of the reasons people upgrade from Windows 10 to 11. Still, the latest operating system from Microsoft is good old Windows with tons of inconsistencies and questionable UI bits. While Microsoft is working on the first feature update for Windows 11 to address primary concerns, third-party developers and enthusiasts offer their modern versions of old and outdated parts of Windows. Last year, someone made a UWP version of Winver—a legacy UI that shows you the current Windows version and its build number.


You can download WinverUWP from its GitHub repository using this link. Installation is simple and requires just a few clicks to get the app running. All it takes to install WinverUWP is to launch the Install.ps1 file in PowerShell. Also, a guide is available in the repository.

It is worth mentioning that WinverUWP does not replace the legacy UI. The latter remains accessible under the winver command, and you can launch the modern take using the winveruwp.exe alias.

Besides looking more modern, WinverUWP shows you additional Windows specifications you cannot find in the old winver window. WinverUWP displays Windows edition, version, installation date, OS build, and Windows Feature Experience Pack version. It also allows you to collapse or expand the "Windows Specifications" and "Legal" sections in the app.

Although WinverUWP works in any Windows version starting from 1809 (October 2018 Update), it looks best on Windows 11 with its modern settings UI.

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