Windows 11 URI Commands to Launch Apps Directly

Here's the most comprehensive list of Windows 11 URI Commands for apps to launch them directly. URI here stands for Uniform Resource Identifier, a special protocol. It can be used to start built-in and Microsoft Store apps directly.


Since Windows 8, Microsoft Windows includes its own Store app. It allows you to install, update, and remove modern software with a couple of clicks. Besides third-party tools, Windows includes a set of built-in apps, which are actually Store apps, too. Similarly, they receive updates from the Store. Calculator, Clocks, and Photos are examples of such apps.

Many Microsoft Store apps register a special protocol which you can use to open the app directly. It is called URI, and stands for 'Unique Resource Identifier'. Such URIs also exist for pages of Settings and allow opening such pages directly.

To do that, type the URI into the Run box, in command prompt, or in File Explorer address bar. Once you press Enter, Windows will immediately open the appropriate application. That can be very useful and time saving.

Windows 11 URI Commands For Apps

This post includes the full list of URI Commands to launch Windows 11 apps directly.

Windows 11 URI Commands for Apps

ApplicationURI Command
Available Networksms-availablenetworks:
Feedback Hubfeedback-hub:
Groove Musicmswindowsmusic:
Microsoft Edgemicrosoft-edge:
Microsoft Newsbingnews:
Microsoft Solitaire Collectionxboxliveapp-1297287741:
Microsoft Storems-windows-store:
Movies & TVmswindowsvideo:
Notification Centerms-actioncenter:
People settings​
Snipping Toolms-ScreenSketch:
Snipping Tool - screen snipms-screenclip:


Windows Securitywindowsdefender:

Here's how you can use such URI commands.

How to use URI commands

As mentioned above, you can use the URI commands to open Windows 11 apps directly. Besides using them in the Run dialog and Windows Terminal, you can create a shortcut for a specific URI. Here's how.

How to execute a URI command

  1. Press the Win + R keys together on the keyboard to open the Run dialog.
  2. In the Run box, type any command from the table from the previous chapter of this article, and hit the Enter key.URI Commands To Launch Windows 11 Apps
  3. Alternatively, right-click the Start button and select Windows Terminal.
  4. Switch it to the Command Prompt profile (Ctrl + Shift + 2).Switch To Command Prompt Profile
  5. Type start, press the spacebar and type or paste the app command. For example, start bingweather:.Launch Windows App From Windows Terminal
  6. Once you hit Enter, Windows 11 will instantly launch the associated app.
  7. Finally, you can type such a command into the File Explorer address bar and press Enter to run it. Launch URI Command From File Explorer

Any will do. That's how you run the URI protocol commands for Windows 11 apps. Similarly, you can create a desktop shortcut for any of the commands.

Create shortcut for URI command

  1. Right-click the Desktop background.
  2. Select New > Shortcut.
  3. Now, Type any of the commands from the above table, and click Next.Create Windows 11 App Shortcut
  4. Finally, specify the desired name for your shortcut.Shortcut Name
  5. Click on Finish.Shortcut For URI Command On Desktop

Done. Now, if you click on such a shortcut, it will open the associated Store app! You can now right-click the shortcut, and select Properties to change its icon. You can also move it from Desktop to some other folder if needed.

That's it.

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