Windows 11: Show or Hide Icons in Tray Area (Taskbar Corner Overflow)

You can show or hide Icons in Windows 11 tray area, now known as Taskbar Corner Overflow. This post will show you how it can be done.


Windows 11 changes almost everything we know about the taskbar, Start menu, and notification area. You can still customize those parts of the operating system, but there are some significant changes. We have already covered several topics about the taskbar in Windows 11, such as how to disable the centered taskbar in Windows 11.

In this post, you will learn how to hide icons in the tray area in Windows 11.

Show or Hide Icons in Tray Area (Taskbar Corner Overflow)

  1. Open Windows Settings in Windows 11 using the Win + I shortcut or any other method.
  2. Go to the Personalization section, then click Taskbar.Windows 11 Settings Personalization Taskbar
  3. Click Taskbar Corner Overflow.Taskbar Corner Overflow
  4. Disable all the icons you want to hide from the notification area in Windows 11.Windows 11 Show Or Hide Icons In Tray Area
  5. Enabling apps will bring their icons to the notification area to the left from the control center button and the language input indicator.

If you turn off a notification icon for an app, it's icon will appear in the taskbar corner overflow menu and not in the taskbar corner.

But if you turn on an app's notification icon, it's icon will appear right in the taskbar corner. It won't be hidden behind the taskbar corner overflow.

Using drag-n-drop

Alternatively, you can simply drag the icon over the arrow up button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Hide Or Show Icons In Taskbar Corner Overflow

Network and volume icons

One of the biggest changes in the tray area in Windows 11 is that you cannot hide network and volume icons in Windows 11. Those controls are now permanently nailed to the bottom-right corner of your screen. The logic behind that decision is that network and volume icons now act as a single button for opening the control center. As a result, users cannot disable or hide network and volume icons in Windows 11.

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7 thoughts on “Windows 11: Show or Hide Icons in Tray Area (Taskbar Corner Overflow)

  1. Sam

    How to hide taskbar clock, network connected and battery charge icons?

    1. Sergey Tkachenko

      There is no option for that yet.

      1. Peter

        Oh really? I have the exact opposite problem.. I manage to get rid of volume/network and clock all together, but this was unintentional and I want them back xD

    2. AKM

      Use taskbarX to customize mostly works for win11.

  2. Chucho

    and the option to Show all taskbar tray icons has been removed… :/

    1. BytestormLLC

      You can still access the ability to turn them all on with the following:



      Then at the bottom of the screen, check the “Always show…” checkbox

      1. flies

        Not working anymore in beta build.


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