Windows 10X Will Install Feature Updates Under 90 Seconds

On Microsoft 365 Developer Day, the company revealed that Windows 10X will only require around 90 seconds to reboot and install feature updates.


This will be one of the most significant changes made to Windows Update over the years.

Microsoft will be using the same 'partition switch' technique, which is widely used on Android devices these days. Windows 10X is using a different file layout, making it possible to split system files from app files, and user files. Thanks to this change, Windows 10X will be able to extract the upgrade to an offline partition quickly, and then switch to it after a reboot.

Microsoft has already done some Windows Update optimizations starting in Windows 10 version 1803, but installing a feature update still takes a lot of time, especially on devices with legacy hardware such as spinning hard drives. The new technology will significantly reduce the amount of time required to fully upgrade the OS. This is a very important change, since Windows 10X targets mobile dual-screen devices like Surface Neo.

Microsoft Foldable Surface Duo

Surface Neo is Microsoft's very own foldable PC, which comes with a detachable keyboard, Surface Slim Pen inking. It will feature two 9” screens connected by a 360° hinge.

Windows 10X supports classic Win32 (desktop) apps via containerization, where every Win32 app will run in the same container. Most of the Win32 apps are supported by that container with a few limitations, such as a missing notification area (system tray).

Win32 app support in Windows 10X

Microsoft has released a Windows 10X Emulator, inviting devs to learn how to create apps for dual-screen devices. Microsoft has also updated the SDK for Surface Duo, and added app samples with Java Kotlin, drag-and-drop between two screens code samples. The tools now support MacOS, Linux (Ubuntu), and Windows, featuring integration with Android Studio, Visual Studio, and VS Code.

Download Windows 10X Emulator and updated Dev tools

Source: Windows Central


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  1. Windows10Resistance

    Will it self-uninstall out of shame if it doesn’t make it in 90 seconds?


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