Vivaldi Android Browser: Swipe To Close Tabs, Customize Start Page, Empty Trash (snapshot 1683.32)

Some time ago the team behind the innovative Vivaldi browser launched a counterpart project for Android. The browser is now available as a beta app on Google Play. Also, the team releases a 'snapshot' version of the Android app that includes all the recent changes and bleeding edge features. Today's snapshot comes with a number of improvements, including the ability to close a tab with a swipe, and more.

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Similarly to the desktop version of Vivaldi, Android snapshots will allow you to test cutting edge builds of the app. They can be installed alongside the Beta/Final and have its own set of preferences and settings.


You can install Vivaldi Android Snapshot to preview upcoming changes, and to help the team to test the quality of the latest fixes and improvements, before they reach the Beta or Final branch of the app.

What's new in Build 1683.32 of Vivaldi Android Browser

New Settings

The Settings window got two new additions: Swipe To Close Tabs and Show Scrollbars – both are disabled by default.

Swipe to Close Tabs is one of the most requested features since the first Beta version.  To get it working, go to Settings and enable Swipe to Close Tabs. Then go to the tab switcher and swipe tabs out of the screen in order to close them.

Many people have a long list with Speed Dials and open tabs and they would like to see visually how far down the page they are while scrolling. This is possible now if: In Settings you can enable the Show Scrollbars option.

More Customizable Start Page

The Start Page where all your Speed Dials are located is now more customizable.
You can drag and drop Speed Dials to change their order. If you long-press on a Speed Dial, you’ll see a context menu. Tapping outside of the Speed Dial will close the menu. Touch and hold the ‘+’ button to either add a new Speed Dial or add a new Speed Dial folder.

Empty Trash

Requested by many of you, you can now delete all of the items in the trash of Bookmarks and Notes by simply tapping on ’empty trash’ in the right-hand corner of the Bookmarks and Notes trash screens.

Other changes

  • [New][Start Page] Add popup menu to add folder or speed dial for Speed dial plus button (VB-57631)
  • [New][Start Page] Drag Speed Dials around to change order (VB-57995)
  • [New][Start Page] Make it possible to edit and delete speed dials (VB-57597)
  • [New][Bookmarks][Notes] Make it possible to delete all items from trash (VB-56624)
  • [New][Settings] Add scroll indicators to Speed Dial and Tab switcher (VB-55260)
  • [New][Settings] Swipe to close tabs (VB-57094)
  • [Bookmarks] Adding a new speed dial in a sub-folder is not immediately visible (VB-57622)
  • [Bookmarks] Deleted bookmark from edit dialog does not move to trash (VB-58356)
  • [Crash] Crash when opening downloads (VB-57547)
  • [Notes] Copy to note option appears when there is no selected text to copy (VB-57474)
  • [Search] Yandex search engine does not appear after upgrade for RU locale (VB-58074)
  • [Search] Set Yandex as default search engine for RU locale (VB-58155)
  • [Sync] No mention of encryption password length requirements on Android’s Sync page (VB-57537)
  • [Sync][Notes] Note duplication (VB-58353)
  • [Tablet] Incognito icon does not show when making new private tab (VB-56399)
  • [Tablet] Speed Dials listed in one column (VB-57212)
  • [Tab Switcher] When a private tab is open from the menu, wrong view is shown (VB-57775)
  • [UI] Unify icons stroke width and remove text buttons (VB-58638)
  • Lag after closing the last tab (VB-58140)
  • Sometimes, the cogs in download panel displays new bookmark dialog (VB-57649)
  • Further translation updates
  • Upgraded Chromium to 78.0.3904.37

Download Vivaldi Android Browser

You can get the app from the Play Store.

Alternative Downloads

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