The News Widget in Microsoft Edge has got a new Vertical Layout

Microsoft has updated the News Widget in the Edge browser with a new option. Now it supports an extra layout "Search only" that turns the widget into a floating search box.

Microsoft has recently updated the Edge browser with a new "News Widget" feature. The browser adds a new taskbar icon with a flyout that displays recent news, a weather forecast, and gives you one-click access to the Bing search.

News Widget Default

While the new Web Widget replicates the News and Interests taskbar option, Microsoft is learning the users' feedback on this implementation in the browser. The company is trying to figure what is the best way to show news in Windows 10.

The web widget feature is currently under the controlled roll-out, so not everyone is having it enabled by default. However, it is possible to create a special shortcut to the News Widget of Edge, and launch it directly.

You can switch between the available News Widgets layouts by clicking on the "Settings and more" gear icon.

Edge News Widget Settings And More Menu

Today, a new option became available, "Search only layout". By clicking on it, you will find the widget turning into a simple search box, that provides you search results from Bing.

Edge News Widget Vertical Layout

Two other layouts were available initially. Those are as follows.

Dashboard layout:

Edge News Widget Dashboard Layout

Vertical layout - this one is used by default.

Edge News Widget Vertical Layout Default

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