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Windows XP support has ended today: A farewell to the venerable OS

Today, Microsoft terminated support for Windowsxp, their most popular and most successful OS of the past decade. This means that Windows XP will not receive updates automatically through the Windows Update service and Microsoft will not release security patches any more for it. Windows XP had Microsoft's support for 12 years. Regardless of its age, XP is still very popular and takes the second place (after Windows 7) in terms of popularity.
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Get Windows 8.1-like Lock screen Slideshow feature for Windows 8, Windows 7 and XP

Windows 8 introduced a lock screen, separate from the logon screen and Windows 8.1 further improved it by adding a slideshow feature to the Lockscreen. If you are running Windows 7 however, you can still get a similar experience by downloading a simple app.

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