Add Services to Control Panel in Windows 10

How to Add Disk Management to Control Panel in Windows 10

Services is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in that allows you to start, stop, and configure service options. In modern Windows versions, it can be found in Administrative tools\Computer Management. In addition to this option, you may want to add it to the Control Panel, which is really useful if you prefer this classic tool over the modern Settings app.

Save List of Services to File in Windows 10

Windows services are a special apps which run in the background. Most of them have no interaction with the user session and have no user interface. Services are one of most important parts of the Windows NT operating system family, which was started with Windows NT 3.1 and includes all modern Windows versions like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Today, we will see how to save the list of running and stopped services to a text file.

How To Start, Stop or Restart a Service in Windows 10

Today, we will see how to manage services in Windows 10. We will see in detail how to start, stop or restart a service. It can be any service installed in the OS which runs in the background. Here are the steps.

How to see services related to a process in Windows 10

When your Windows PC starts, many programs open at startup. Some long-running processes, which mostly do system functions are called Services. Service processes usually have no user interface and don't interact with the user. The most famous service process, is svchost.exe which always has multiple instances running and is responsible for many Windows services, e.g. Windows Update or Action Center notifications. You can easily check which services are running from its process. Follow these simple instructions to learn how.

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