Task Manager Now Groups Processes by App

The upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has a small enhancement in Task Manager. It groups processes by app. This is a very convenient way to see running apps. For example, you can see all instances of File Explorer grouped together. Or all Edge tabs will be shown combined into one item, which can be expanded into separate items, with each tab's title on its own line.

How to Track GPU Usage Performance in Windows 10

The upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will allow you to track GPU usage and performance using Task Manager. GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit - the chip in your PC that handles graphics. The faster your GPU is, the better performance you get for playing games, video playback, screen capture and rendering everything on the screen. If the software you are using supports hardware acceleration, then the performance is even better.

Get more details about Startup in Windows Task Manager

Windows 8 and Windows 10 have a new Task Manager app. It looks completely different compared to Windows 7's Task Manager and has different features. A new feature of the Task Manager app is the ability to manage Startup apps. Today, we'll see how to customize the Startup tab and make it show more useful information.

Quickly find what DDR memory type you have in Windows 10

Sometimes you need to find out what memory type you have installed in your PC. For example, when you need to upgrade the RAM in your laptop or desktop, you need to know more about it so you can buy and install a matching module. It is not a problem when you have some special software installed or when you can open your PC case. Now there is an easier option available in Windows 10.

All ways to open task manager in Windows 10

The Task Manager app which comes with Windows 10 is a special tool to maintain running processes including user apps, system apps and Windows services. It is able to control which apps start during the startup and even analyze performance of the whole OS. In this article, we will see how to start Task Manager in Windows 10.

A hidden way to open the command prompt in Windows 10

If you follow our articles at Winaero, you might be knowing the many ways in which you can open an elevated command prompt in Windows 10. Here is yet another way, a secret hidden one, which allows you to open an elevated command prompt when all other ways are not accessible.

Get classic old Task Manager in Windows 10

Many users are not happy with the new "modern" task manager which was introduced in Windows 8. Windows 10 comes with the same Task Manager app. Although some of its functions are not bad, like the performance graph, one might not really need them. The old Task Manager is faster, bug-free and provides a more reliable workflow of task management for me. It is familiar and the new one does not even remember the last active tab. So I am definitely one of those who want the good old, more usable Task Manager back in Windows 10. Here is how you can get it back without replacing any system files or modifying permissions.

How to see services related to a process in Windows 10

When your Windows PC starts, many programs open at startup. Some long-running processes, which mostly do system functions are called Services. Service processes usually have no user interface and don't interact with the user. The most famous service process, is svchost.exe which always has multiple instances running and is responsible for many Windows services, e.g. Windows Update or Action Center notifications. You can easily check which services are running from its process. Follow these simple instructions to learn how.

Turn Task Manager into a widget with the Summary View feature

The Task Manager app in Windows 8 comes with a feature called "Summary View", which allows you to modify the appearance of the app completely. When Summary View is enabled, the Task Manager looks like a desktop gadget. It shows CPU, Memory, Disk, and Ethernet meters in one compact window. Let's see how to activate this mode.

How to end a process quickly with Task Manager in Windows 8

In Windows 8, the Task Manager received an overhaul and saw the addition of several useful features. It can manage startup apps now and calculate their impact on startup performance. You can also see app history and copy process details quickly with it. In the "More details" mode, Task Manager has two tabs, Processes and Details, to control running apps. Today, I would like to share with you a very simple trick to kill a running app quickly.

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