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OEMs are already working on first Windows 10 devices with ARM64 chips

Recent Microsoft announcements about Windows 10 arriving on ARM64-based devices and its support for x86 apps has attracted a lot of attention in the tech industry. Many are speculating about the potential success of such devices compared to the ones running Windows RT and whether x86 emulation and support for 32-bit classic apps could make a difference. And now, as sources close to Microsoft and its partners told Digitimes, some OEMs already working on such devices for test purposes.

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Windows 10 comes to ARM CPUs with x86 app support

During WinHEC 2016 (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference), Microsoft made the announcement that they are working together with Qualcomm to bring Windows 10 to Snapdragon ARM mobile processors. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors are known for their top of the line performance and cutting edge mobile innovations. What's new about Windows on ARM this time is that it will be possible to run classic Win32 (x86) apps via emulation. This is great news.
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