OEMs are already working on first Windows 10 devices with ARM64 chips

Recent Microsoft announcements about Windows 10 arriving on ARM64-based devices and its support for x86 apps has attracted a lot of attention in the tech industry. Many are speculating about the potential success of such devices compared to the ones running Windows RT and whether x86 emulation and support for 32-bit classic apps could make a difference. And now, as sources close to Microsoft and its partners told Digitimes, some OEMs already working on such devices for test purposes.

The mentioned devices are based on the latest hardware from Qualcomm and if everything goes right, OEMs will decide how to push such devices to the market. The first tablets and PCs with Windows 10 running on ARM64 may arrive in the second half of 2017.

See Windows 10 comes to ARM CPUs with x86 app support

ARM64 chips are considered more energy efficient compared to x86 CPUs from Intel and AMD. Using the new platform, OEMs will be able to create even smaller, lighter and powerful devices with a power of full Windows 10. You will be able to run many apps you use and love, including some Adobe products like Photoshop.

Any classic app which is not 64-bit would run although there would be a performance impact. There's also a possibility that Microsoft will release its ARM64 tools to the public allowing developers to recompile their apps to run natively on such devices.

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