Official ISO images for Windows 10 build 10565 released

If you need to install Windows 10 build 10565 from scratch using official ISO images, you will be glad to know that Microsoft has released them for build 10565. Microsoft decided to push the updated ISOs in the public so everyone can download it.

Windows 10 build 10565 features Nested Virtualization

Today it was announced by Microsoft that Windows 10 build 10565 includes one more secret feature. It includes an early preview of nested virtualization for Hyper-V. This feature emulates certain hardware capabilities which are required to run Hyper-V in a virtual machine. So you can have a virtual machine inside a virtual machine!

Windows 10 build 10565 + VirtualBox: Fix broken start menu and Settings

In my yesterday's article, I mentioned that Windows 10 build 10565 does not work properly in VirtualBox. The Start menu was broken, transparent and cannot render tiles and icons. Here is a fix I discovered.

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