Vivaldi 3.0 is out with Ad Blocker, along with first stable Android version

The long-awaited version 3.0 of the Vivaldi browser has finally reached the stable branch. The team behind the app has released Vivaldi 3.0, along with its Android counterpart. The release is notable for the built-in tracker and ad blocker, which is customizable, and allows connecting custom ad subscription lists.

Vivaldi 2.12 Becomes Vivaldi 3.0 with Further Ad Blocker and Popout Video Improvements

The team behind the impressive Vivaldi browser is working hard to make the upcoming Vivaldi version app even better. Recent dev snapshots have introduced a number of improvements made to the ad blocker and popout video, including markup space hiding for blocked ads. Also, the upcoming app will become Vivaldi 3.0, increasing the major version number from 2.12.

Vivaldi 2.12 Now Allows Managing Ad Blocker Lists (Snapshot 1854.5)

A new developer snapshot of Vivaldi, which represents the upcoming version 2.12, now allows managing subscription lists for the built-in Ad Blocker. As you may remember, Vivaldi 2.12 will include a native ad blocker tool, which is part of the tracker blocker feature of the browser.

Vivaldi 2.12 Introduces Tracking Blocker (Dev Snapshot 1838.3)

A new developer snapshot of the innovative Vivaldi web browser includes extra options to keep your privacy safe. Today's version 2.12.1838.3 includes Tracker Blocker, along with improvements made to the Spatial Navigation feature.

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