Microsoft and Google team up to bring PWAs to the Play Store

Microsoft has joined forces with Google to help developers get their Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) into the Play Store. Microsoft has its own PWABuilder tool, and Bubblewrap is a tool from Google. Both companies are working together to make their tools interoperate.

Enable PWAs App Icon Shortcut Menu in Chrome and Edge

How to Enable PWAs App Icon Shortcut Menu in Chrome and Edge

The two Chromium-based browsers, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, have received a new feature. When enabled, it allows progressive web apps (PWAs) to have a shortcut menu entry for their tasks. Right-clicking on such a PWA pinned to the taskbar would open a menu with actions defined by the app.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Will Allow Uninstalling PWAs as Desktop Apps

During the development of Microsoft Edge, Microsoft is actively participating in the Chromium project. Their recent commit to the Chromium code base will allow Progressive Web Apps to add a record to the Windows Registry for easy uninstall of PWAs, simplifying the app management process.

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