No more updates for Android Browser, switch to Firefox – here’s why

No matter which software OS you use, it is important that you keep yourself protected from security vulnerabilities otherwise you can get hacked. Developers of the Metasploit framework, which is a penetration testing software, noticed that updates to the WebView component (the one used by Android's HTML renderer) have been discontinued for all Android versions prior to 4.4 (KitKat) and 5.0 (Lollipop). Google has thus decided to abandon lots of users with older Android devices (all 4.x versions except 4.4), even though the version of WebView in them has security vulnerabilities. Here is what you should do to harden your security.

How to manage WordPress comments from a mobile touchscreen device

Few days ago, a friend of mine, Vadim Sterkin requested a little plugin from me to manage Wordpress from a mobile device. This can be useful for anyone who tries to manage (approve, remove etc) comments from his tablet.  Vadim is the happy owner of a Windows 8 tablet and he has a blog too. He planned to manage the blog from his tablet but this annoyance bothered him: it is hard to manage WordPress comments without a mouse. Let me explain why.

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