WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys)

WordPress is a very popular blogging platform on the Web. These days, a huge number of different sites use it as their content management system. If you have installed and used it, you might be interested in learning its keyboard shortcuts. These hotkeys can help you save time and increase productivity.

Move the comment text field to the bottom in WordPress 4.4

With WordPress 4.4, the comment text field is moved above other fields like "Name", "Website" and "Email". If you are not happy with the new layout of the comment form, here is how to revert it and place the comment text field back to the bottom.

WordPress bloggers: Fix markup validation issues with the Always Valid Lightbox mod plugin

Here at Winaero, and for some of my other projects, I prefer to use a fancy effect for images inserted in blog posts. The lightbox effect, as it is well known, is provided by a number of plugins for WordPress. Once, I changed the theme of my WordPress blog and tried to validate it with the w3c validator, but the HTML markup provided by my previous lightbox plugin was incorrect and not valid. I decided to fix the issue and it was then that I discovered the "Always Valid Lightbox" plugin, which produces valid markup. I was almost completely satisfied until I noticed some problems with it.

How to manage WordPress comments from a mobile touchscreen device

Few days ago, a friend of mine, Vadim Sterkin requested a little plugin from me to manage Wordpress from a mobile device. This can be useful for anyone who tries to manage (approve, remove etc) comments from his tablet.  Vadim is the happy owner of a Windows 8 tablet and he has a blog too. He planned to manage the blog from his tablet but this annoyance bothered him: it is hard to manage WordPress comments without a mouse. Let me explain why.

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