How to restart Firefox with a single click

Here's how to restart Firefox and do not lose open tabs.

There are many occasions when you need to restart Mozilla Firefox. For example, when you enable some secret hidden feature in the Firefox browser via about:config such as "Hello" in order to use the WebRTC feature, you may need to restart it. Installing or uninstalling add-ons also means you have to restart it. While it is easy to close all tabs in Firefox manually and re-launch it, I would like to share with you a faster way which involves the built-in Firefox option.

Get the HTML color code of any web page element in Firefox

Previously, we covered how Mozilla has added an extremely useful command line feature to their Firefox browser. Let's continue exploring more useful built-in commands available in Firefox. The command line functions are very helpful and save you time. We already saw the screenshot command which allows you to take a screenshot of a web page or the entire browser window, and also the folder command which can open any folder from Firefox directly. Let's take a look at another brilliant command, eyedropper.

Open the Firefox profile folder or any other folder right from the Firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox has several useful built-in commands as part of its console. Let's continue exploring them. Earlier, I reviewed the awesome screenshot command which allows you to take a screenshot of a page, or a specific element of the page, or the entire browser window. Today, we will play with the folder command which can be used to open various folders directly from the Firefox browser including the browser's profile folder.

How to take a screenshot of the opened page in Firefox without using addons

I would like to share with you several useful built-in commands in Mozilla Firefox which can increase your productivity and save your time. For such tasks, Firefox has dozens of addons, but not many users know that it is possible to execute simple commands in Firefox to do them. We will start with a simple tutorial on how to take a screenshot of the opened page without using any add-ons.

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