Open the Firefox profile folder or any other folder right from the Firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox has several useful built-in commands as part of its console. Let's continue exploring them. Earlier, I reviewed the awesome screenshot command which allows you to take a screenshot of a page, or a specific element of the page, or the entire browser window. Today, we will play with the folder command which can be used to open various folders directly from the Firefox browser including the browser's profile folder.

Open Firefox and press Shift + F2 on the keyboard. Firefox will open a console / command line at the bottom of the screen. We will use this command line to execute the folder command.
Type the following text in the command box you just opened:

folder open

Firefox folder open command
Press Enter. This will open your Windows user profile, e.g. C:\Users\ folder:
folder open user profile
You can specify exactly which folder you want to open with this command. Just type it as shown below:

folder open c:\

The command above will open the C: drive in File Explorer.
Firefox folder open c drive
Using the folder command, it is possible to open Firefox's profile folder where Firefox stores its cache, installed add-ons and preferences. To see that folder, you need to type this at the Firefox command prompt:

folder openprofile

Press Enter to open the browser's profile folder.
Firefox folder openprofile
Note that this command isn't the only way to open the browser's profile folder from Firefox. You can also open it by following these instructions:

  • Open Firefox and press the ALT key on the keyboard.
  • The main menu will show. Go to Help ->Troubleshooting Information:
    troubleshooting info
  • Under the "Application Basics" section, click the "Show Folder" button to open your profile folder:
    show folder button
  • That's it. Now you are familiar with one more useful built-in command supported by Mozilla Firefox.

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