Microsoft Edge has received resizable vertical tabs

Microsoft has released a fresh update for the Edge browser in the Canary channel. The biggest visible change in this release is the ability to resize the vertical tabs pane. In its current form available in Stable, Beta, and Canary channels, the sidebar has a fixed width, making it a bit harder to read long tab headers. Now, you can resize this bar according to your needs. This change is especially welcomed on computers with ultra-wide monitors with tons of free horizontal space. It is also worth mentioning that you can change the panel's width whether it is pinned or not.

Microsoft could move the Vertical Tab button to the toolbar in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is testing various layouts for the Microsoft Edge's Vertical Tab option. Currently, the browser shows a button prior to the tab row on the left.  By clicking on that button the user can move the open tabs to the left and stack them vertically, or restore the traditional horizontal tab layout.

Add or Remove Vertical Tabs Button on Toolbar in Microsoft Edge

How to Add or Remove Vertical Tabs Button on Toolbar in Microsoft Edge

Recently, Microsoft has added the vertical tabs option to the Edge browser. It is an alternative layout of the tab row, where the tabs are arranged vertically. There is also an option to collapse the tab bar, so tabs turn into website icons. For users who prefer the classic horizontal tab row, Microsoft has added the option to remove the vertical tabs button to save the space.

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