Pin Frequent Folders to Start menu or taskbar in Windows 10

Frequent Folders is a new feature implemented in Windows 10's File Explorer. In Windows 7 and Windows 8, frequently opened folders were accessible only via the jump list for Explorer. In Windows 10, you can however see your most frequently opened folders inside File Explorer in the 'Home' location. These folders are located in the Home location under a separate group. Let's see how to 'extract' this useful feature from Explorer and pin it to the Start menu or taskbar for faster access to them!

How to open the printer queue from the command line or with a shortcut

If you have a local or network printer connected to your PC, you may need to open its queue or printing status window occasionally to remove print jobs which have got stuck or pause printing. I would like to share with you a tip which will allow you to access the printing queue directly with one click. It is possible with the help of a special rundll32 command. Let's see how it can be done.

How to create a shortcut to open Disk Space in Windows 8.1 Update

The Disk Space feature of Windows 8.1 is a part of the PC Settings application which allows you to view the disk usage of your PC and Tablet. Also, it allows you to go directly to the app sizes page and clean the Recycle Bin folder. It is designed specially for touch screen devices. It is accessible through PC Settings -> PC and devices -> Disk space, but Windows 8.1 Update allows you create a shortcut to open it directly with one click.

How to create a shortcut to delete the browsing history in Internet Explorer 11

In our previous post we covered how you can clear the browsing history of Internet Explorer 11. Here is a tip which will allow you to create special shortcuts to delete the browsing history completely or partially. You can pin these shortcuts to the Start screen or the Start Menu or to the Taskbar.

How to create a shortcut to open the File History in Widnows 8.1

File History is a very useful feature of Windows 8.1. It allows you to create a backup of the important data stored in your Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos and Desktop folders. You can specify the drive where you plan to store your backup. It will prevent data loss in case something goes wrong.
Today we will learn how to create a shortcut to open these useful settings with one click.

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