Get a Completely Transparent Taskbar in Windows 10

In Windows 10, the user cannot adjust the transparency level of the taskbar. You can only make it transparent or completely opaque using the Settings app. Here is an alternative solution which involves the famous free third party app, Classic Shell.

Microsoft to block Classic Shell in Windows 10: here is why

If you read Winaero regularly, you might be familiar with the awesome Classic Shell application. It became famous thanks to an excellent Start menu implementation with several styles from classic Windows 95-like to modern Windows 7-like. Classic Shell also provides a number of very useful fixes to significantly improve Explorer's behavior and revive its must have features like customizable toolbars or status bar size. Users who have already installed Windows 10 Technical Preview 3 Build 9879 are facing a strange issue that Classic Shell cannot be installed. The operating system simply does not allow the installer to do its work!

How to add Copy as Path button to the Classic Shell Explorer toolbar

As a Windows user who is forced to use Explorer very often in Windows 7 and Windows 8, I am trying to make it more convenient than it is out of the box.The main issue with Explorer is that it's not customizable, as it was in Windows XP. Even though Windows 8 has the Quick Access toolbar, it has very small icons and does not allow any custom buttons. While it is possible to add any desired command to the command bar of Explorer in Windows 7, they can only be text buttons, without icons. So I decided to install the awesome freeware, Classic Shell.

How to change the font or font size in Classic Shell Start Menu

If you use the Classic Shell Start Menu, you are not restricted like other Start Menus to a limited number of customization options. Classic Shell was built for letting you customize every aspect of it. While most settings in Classic Shell are present in the graphical settings user interface, some settings are part of the Skin files. One of them is the Start Menu font and font size. As screen resolutions and pixels per inch increase, there is a need to make the font larger if the default size is too small for you at 1080p and higher resolutions. While the Skin options in Classic Shell allow you to make the font size larger at 1 pt, if you want to make it still larger or completely replace the font with your own favorite font or change its formatting such as Bold, Italics, follow this guide.

Get the best looking Start Menu for Classic Shell 4+ with Winaero Skin 2.0

It is time once again to share our exclusive freeware skin, now updated for Classic Shell 4. With the recent release of Classic Shell 4, it has added many improvements. The most notable for me is the new style of the Start Menu, called the "Windows 7 style". It looks like the original menu, only issue is that the Start Menu color does not match the Taskbar color out-of-the-box. So, we have updated our skin to make it exactly match the Taskbar color and provide a polished look for Classic Shell on Windows 8. Winaero Skin 2.0 is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Introducing Winaero’s exclusive Skin Pack for Classic Shell

Update: A newer Winaero Skin, version 2.0 is now available for Classic Shell 4!  Get it here.

 WinAero Skin Pack for Classic Shell
After applying the Winaero Skin Pack 1.0 for Classic Shell

Today, Winaero has something special for you, our readers. We are going to share with you an awesome looking Skin Pack for Classic Shell on Windows 8 that makes its massively popular Start Menu look closer to the original Windows Start Menu. It is free for you and exclusively for Classic Shell on Windows 8 only.

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