Explorer Toolbar Editor

Explorer Toolbar Editor is powerful and easy-to-use software that helps you add or remove buttons from the Windows Explorer toolbar in Windows 7.
Unlike other existing programs, Explorer Toolbar Editor supports multiple folder types and displays the current set of buttons for each one. Also, you can use it to reorder the toolbar buttons.

The latest version is 2.0, it contains bugfixes and Windows x64 native binaries.


Explorer Toolbar Editor allows you to:
  • view current button sets for each folder type
  • add/remove buttons to individual or all folder types
  • change the order of buttons on the toolbar
  • restore the default set of buttons

Explorer Toolbar Editor How to

Before you get started with configuring the Explorer toolbar, you need to be aware of two button display modes.

File or folder selected means that a button is only displayed when you select a file or folder. This mode is useful for adding buttons that deal with file management, e.g. Copy, Paste, Cut, Rename, etc.

Nothing selected means that a button is only displayed when there’s nothing selected in a folder. This mode is useful for adding buttons that deal with the Explorer display, e.g. Preview Pane, Navigation Pane, Details Pane. Note: it makes perfect sense to also add such buttons when a file or folder is selected, so you can always see them on the toolbar.
In the Explorer Toolbar Editor, each display mode has a dedicated tab:

Keep this in mind when you’re adding, removing, or sorting buttons.

How to quickly configure the Windows Explorer toolbar

It takes about five minutes to get the desired set of buttons on the Explorer toolbar.
  1. Open the File or folder selected tab.
  2. In the left pane, select folder types. Tip: use CTRL or SHIFT to select multiple or better all folder types.
  3. In the right pane, select the buttons you don’t want to have on the toolbar and click Remove Buttons.
  4. Click Add Buttons and select the file management buttons you want to display on the toolbar.

That’s it! Now open a folder or press F5 in an existing one, select a file or folder, and you’ll see your buttons.

How to reorder buttons

If you want to reorder buttons, select an individual folder type in the left pane, then select a button in the right pane and use arrows to move it to the desired position.

How to revert your changes

You can roll back any changes you made with Explorer Toolbar Editor by pressing the Restore defaults button. You will get the set of buttons that you had before you used Explorer Toolbar Editor for the first time.

Explorer Toolbar Editor was created by Happy Bulldozer and Vadim Sterkin.

Download Explorer Toolbar Editor

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  1. ajax_man@live.com
    31 Aug 11

    For a user to see the changes made via this program (Explorer Toolbar Editor, which I like very much) appears to have to Admin rights. I have a normal user for testing purposes and this user cannot see the changes made, but when I log in with an Admin ID, the changes are there. Is this proper operation of the application? Can this be changed?
    I would appreicate a reply. Thanks in advance, Ajax Man.

  2. Sergey
    01 Sep 11

    It is impossible, because in Windows 7 Explorer button set is not available in per-user mode. Buttons of Explorer's toolbar defined in HKLM key and they are common for all users.

  3. herrydjames
    04 Dec 11

    my toolbar has gone. how to get back my toolbar again?

  4. Sergey
    05 Dec 11

    I can't even imagine how it looks

  5. David
    15 Jan 12

    There seems to be some default buttons in win 7 explorer such as add to library on the folder window which I would like to get rid off. Is this possible?

  6. mark33sv
    04 Apr 12

    heeyy do u have toolba editor for windows xp?
    I would like to add some button like a: new, folder...

  7. Sergey
    04 Apr 12

    WinXP has toolbar out of box. No third-party tools are needed

  8. djoksa
    08 Nov 12

    Works great, thank you.

  9. Mihailo
    06 Dec 12

    Worked perfectly on Win7 x64. Thanks a lot!

  10. sky
    11 Dec 12

    This works fine in windows 7 ultimate x86 but renama button when clicked nothing happens on the file or folder
    please repaired
    thank you

  11. sky
    11 Dec 12

    opps... I misspelled, I mean not rename renama

  12. Mikey
    10 Mar 13


  13. chojy
    19 Mar 13

    Worked perfectly on my notebook Thanks
    I want to have 'Create New text document' button on Folder, like 'Create New Folder'
    It Is possible?

  14. Anonymous
    02 Apr 13

    works only in the in the library :(

  15. Sergey
    02 Apr 13

    You have to customize buttons for folders separately

  16. barry
    11 Jun 13

    Is it possible to add a new button to create a new folder with the current data as the name?


  17. Sergey
    11 Jun 13

    This is not possible

  18. Jacky
    07 Jul 13

    I'd love to be able to remove the Share with.. button.
    Never used it, don't expect I ever will.

  19. Minor Bug
    17 Jul 13

    'Move to Bottom' button works the same as 'Move Down' button.

  20. Eugenio Botello Nava
    01 Dec 14

    Es una herramienta muy efectiva y recomendable más para Windows 8.1 combinándola con otra utilidad NewExplorer1.0.7 elimine Rinnbo de Windows 8.1 y agregue mas opciones con Explorer Toolbar Editor. Muy buena utilidad.

  21. steve
    14 Jan 15

    does not remove play all button from miscellaneous folders?

  22. truongphu
    08 Mar 16

    when files or folders are selected, the added button disappear!
    Win 7

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