Surface Duo is coming to the UK on February 18

Microsoft is finally ready to start selling its quirky dual-screen smartphone Surface Duo outside the US. After launching the smartphone in the US only in September 2020, Microsoft will bring Surface Duo to the UK on February 18. Besides the UK, Microsoft intends to start selling this device in France, Germany, and Canada, but it is yet to announce the specific date and price for these countries.

Surface Duo UK Promo

Surface Duo is coming to the UK

If you live in the UK and want to give Surface Duo a try, prepare yourself to pay £1,349 for the starting configuration with 128 GB of storage. It is interesting to note that the original US price tag of $1,399 is now down to just $999. The price cut makes Surface Duo a much more compelling offering if you consider relatively outdated specs and how poorly optimized its software is. Luckily, Microsoft does not give up and tries to improve the situation with relatively regular updates. January update, for example, arrived just recently (it is still based on Android 10).


Do note that Surface Duo is not your regular Android flagship

You will have to trade the latest and greatest specs for the new form-factor, beautifully crafted case and hinge, and two AMOLED-screens. Sure, Snapdragon 855, upon which Surface Duo is built, is no slouch, but nowadays, you can get much more powerful devices for this price tag. In addition to the CPU from 2019, Surface Duo offers 128 or 256 GB storage, a modest 6 GB of RAM, and quite an average single 11 MP rear camera that also works as a front-facing camera.

Microsoft positions Surface Duo for productivity-minded people ready to give up the most powerful hardware for two screens. If that statement does not describe you, better get yourself a regular Android flagship or the latest iPhone.

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Author: Taras Buria

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