9 thoughts on “Speed up your Windows 10 by having fewer Desktop icons”

  1. Option Three: enable Desktop toolbar in the taskbar – right-click the taskbar, hover to toolbars and select desktop.
    You can then right-click onto “Desktop” name of that toolbar and disable its name and names of the desktop items. I use it since windows 7 for single-click Explorer shortcuts i use all the and having to use Explorer’s jumplist or Start (Classic Shell Start too) requires extra-click :)

    1. I’ve been hiding desktop icons and using the desktop menu on the taskbar since XP. I originally started doing it since I almost always have some windows open and found it to be a faster way to access things on my desktop.

  2. Really isn’t an issue anymore with modern systems. I have a 3770k with a modest overclock of 4.5Ghz, 16gb 2133mhz Ram, and most importantly, a Samsung 850 Pro ssd. My 2560×1440 monitor is littered with icons, and boot to desktop (not including bios load time) is pretty much instant. Last time I actually clocked it, was 7 seconds. What does make an impact, is what items are allowed to load upon startup. Lots of speed to be gained, by going into msconfig, and disabling items that aren’t necessary.

  3. I have HDD and icons are only an issue since they are loaded one-by-one upon startup for me. I really need to get SSD.

  4. Oh indeed you are right. You learn something every day. Fewer should be for countable objects e.g. fewer icons. Less should be for non-countable objects. e.g. Less desktop area.

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