Disable Align Desktop Icons to Grid in Windows 10

Your Desktop is a special folder which shows your background wallpaper that you have chosen and your files, folders, documents, shortcuts and all such items you have stored. It appears every time you sign in to Windows. In this article, will we learn how to disable the Align Desktop Icons to Grid feature for your user account in Windows 10.

How to change Desktop icon spacing in Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8

In earlier Windows versions like Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP, the user was able to adjust the distance between icons on the Desktop. There was an option in Advanced appearance settings which was eliminated in Windows 8 and above. If you need to adjust the icon spacing but your operating system does not offer a GUI option for this task, here is how can do it.

Fix Windows 10 does not save the Desktop icon position and layout

Some users report a strange bug in Windows 10. The layout of desktop icons and their position does not stay constant in between the user sessions. The layout gets reset every time they log in to the user account. This happens regardless of the account type being used and affects local as well as Microsoft accounts.

How to make Windows 10 show familiar desktop icons

In earlier Windows versions, the Desktop had important icons enabled by default - My Computer (which is now known as This PC), Network, My Documents were all visible by default. However, in modern Windows versions, Microsoft made most of these icons hidden. In Windows 10, only the Recycle Bin is present on Desktop by default. Also, the Windows 10 Start Menu does not have links to these icons either. Let's see how to add the classic icons back to the Desktop in Windows 10.

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