Restore View Image Entry in Firefox Right Click Menu

Here's how to restore the View Image entry in Firefox right click menu for images.

In Firefox 88, Mozilla has silently removed a number of context menu entries. Speaking of the View Image option, it has been replaced with an "open image in a new tab" entry. The team behind the browser assumes that most users will be happy with the new item that opens the image you right-click on in a new tab. However, some users prefer the old behavior of the browser with the ability to open images in the current tab.

Firefox Removed Context Menus 1

The View Image entry which is no longer accessible in Firefox 88

Mozilla has changed the context menu for images for users' convenience. Earlier, opening an image would replace the contents of the currently open tab. If it contained some important data in a form, or some text you were typing for long, one accidental click could lead to data loss. The new context menu solves this issue. Images will open in a new tab, and will not interfere with the website you are browsing at the moment.

Anyway, there are always users for whom such changes break their workflow. Luckily, Firefox supports extensions, so in many cases it is possible to re-create or replicate the removed functionality. This is also in case of the View Image context menu item.

There is an extension for Firefox simply called "View Image Context Menu Item". It does exactly what follows from its name. Using it, you can get the removed entry back in Firefox 88.

Restore View Image Entry In Firefox Right Click Menu

This post will show you how to add the View Image entry to the Firefox context menu.

How to Restore View Image Entry in Firefox Right Click Menu

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Visit the following page: View Image Context Menu Item extension.
  3. Click on the Add to Firefox button to install the extension.Add To Firefox
  4. Click the Add button to confirm the extension installation.Click On Add To Confirm
  5. The View Image Context Menu Item is now installed.Firefox Extension Added

You are done. This will instantly restore the View Image command in the Firefox image right-click menu. The only difference is the place of the command in the menu. The native entry was the first command in the image menu, while the one added by the extension appears at the bottom of the image context menu.

That's a shame that Mozilla didn't provide a single option to restore the command without using third-party tools. There could be at least an option in the about:config menu.

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4 thoughts on “Restore View Image Entry in Firefox Right Click Menu

  1. Jason

    While I appreciate there are solutions to avoid breaking one’s workflow, this… breaks one’s workflow due to the changed position of the restored menu option. Seems like it’d make more sense just to adjust to the new option introduced in the Firefox update since neither outcome will be identical to the one before.

    Additionally, since we’re talking about something fairly trivial, there’s value in being able to adapt to changing software as opposed to stubbornly sticking with a non-adjusting setup. Software moves hard and fast these days, and you can’t really escape it unless you avoid updating everything. Being able to go with the flow and adapt without complaint is an extremely useful skill in the modern software world.

  2. Buzz

    Bite me Jason!
    There’s value in not fixing things that aren’t broken!
    Programmers have real issues with dinking around with things that don’t need to be fixed
    while not fixing things that really need to be fixed.
    I think that every company in the world could fire half of their programming staff
    save a lot of money
    and the world would be a better place…..

  3. Kristen

    Thank you so much! I was really annoyed by this change. Normally I just don’t bother trying to fix problems like this, but I decided to see if anyone else had a problem with it and stumbled onto this page. You’re a life saver!

  4. n8wachT

    I use the option lot of the time, couldn’t find why or where this little function go? Thanks for the workaround! :D


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