Allow or block websites in Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge

Here is how you can block certain websites in Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge to prevent your children from viewing things you do not want. You can also allow a specific website using the same technique if the pre-built whitelist does include a page that your child needs.


Kids Mode is a dedicated space for children to access the Internet safely. After you enable Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge, the browser blocks all websites except those in the whitelist and turns on Bing SafeSearch. Besides safeguards and restrictions, Edge applies a special kid-friendly theme to make the browser look more engaging. Parents and caregivers have a couple of options to customize Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge. They can change the theme, select the age range, and allow or block websites. In this article, you will find out how to block or allow websites in Kids Mode.

Note: Kids Mode is currently available in the US only. To use Kids Mode, update the browser to version 90 or newer.

Allow websites for children in Microsoft Edge

  1. Open the Edge browser.
  2. Press Alt + F to open the main menu and select Settings.Edge open Settings
  3. Click on the Family section in the sidebar.
  4. Next, click Manage allowed websites. Tip: You can get to this section with a single click using the edge://settings/family/kidsModeAllowList URL. Just copy-paste it into the address bar and press Enter.Edge Manage allowed websites
  5. Press the Add website button and enter the address of the website you want to allow for your child. For example, websites for children in Microsoft Edge
  6. Click the Add button.Allow a Website In Kids Mode In Microsoft Edge

You are done.

When you enable Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge, the browser automatically blocks all the websites. Children can only access the pages listed on the whitelist. This eliminates the need to block a website manually. Still, some users may decide that a website from the whitelist is inappropriate for their children. If so, here is how to remove it:

Block websites for children in Microsoft Edge

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge.
  2. Open the main menu and click on Settings.Edge open Settings
  3. Go to Family > Manage Allowed Websites. Again, you can open this section faster using the edge://settings/family/kidsModeAllowList shortcut.
  4. Find the website you want to block, and press the X button.Block websites for children in Microsoft Edge

That is it. Now your children will not be able to open that website.

Do note that Kids Mode is not the only way to block websites on Edge. Microsoft offers parental controls with more granular tools for children and teens. Kids Mode in Edge works best for children up to 11 years old. For teens, Microsoft recommends using the Microsoft Family tools available on Windows 10, Xbox, and Android. These will allow you to block specific websites without fully limiting access to the Internet.

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