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PowerToys 0.53.1 adds Always-on-Top to any window and 100+ fixes

Microsoft today released a new version of PowerToys. While PowerToys 0.53.1 mostly comes with quality improvements, it also includes a couple of novelties. The major addition is the ability to make any window always on top. Besides, there is G-code support for thumbnails and preview pane, and a bunch of fixes.Logo

The 0.53 branch of PowerToys was supposed to be maintenance releases. However, thanks to the community around the app suite, there are some major changes that found their path to today's release.

What's new in PowerToys 0.53.1

Always on Top utility

With Always on Top, you can make the window that is currently in focus appear above all running apps using the key combination Win + Ctrl + T. The same combination cancels this mode.

File Explorer

Added G-code support for thumbnails and preview pane.

PowerToys Run

  • Web searching has been added! ?? What is the answer to life will go to your favorite search engine via your browser. You can change the default action key too!
  • VS Code workspace improvements.
  • Binary and Hex number support.
  • Ability to use factorials in calculations
  • PT Run will not show in Window Walker results anymore.
  • Fix log / ln calculations
  • Fix to make previous results clear
  • Fix to detect symlinks and prevent recursive loops
  • Fix for trackpad scrolling being too fast
  • Removed unneeded nuget package.
  • Better detection for if a packaged app can be elevated
  • Improve crash resiliency for Program plugin.
  • Improved Windows setting results.
  • Fixed a bug where some similar activation phrases aren't working as expected.

Other changes

  • Video conference mute: Changed (default) hotkey for mute camera & microphone from Win+N to Win+Shift+Q to not conflict with a Windows 11 keyboard shortcut
  • PowerRename: Row highlighting + preview support now implemented. Improved folder renaming support. Finally, it now opens on the active display.
  • There are fixes in FancyZones, ColorPicker, Image Resizer, PowerRename, Settings, and more. You can find the full changelog on the GitHub.

Get the latest PowerToys release

You can update the PowerToys using one of the following methods. On Windows 11, you can download PowerToys from the Microsoft Store. Windows 10 users can get the app from its official Github repository using this link. You can also install it with winget. The command is winget install Microsoft.PowerToys --source winget.

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