Office app for Windows 10 receives new vertical layout

Microsoft has updated the Office UWP app that is available for Windows 10 users via the Store with a new vertical layout. The feature is already rolling out to Insiders, so there is a chance that you will get it soon.

Office Vertical Layout

The change, as spotted by Windows Blog Italia, includes the following key changes.

  • App shortcuts are moved to the rightreach.
  • You can now use Ctrl + click on the app to instantly create a new document or file.
  • Click the All apps tab to view all Microsoft 365 apps.

There is also a nice looking "New document" button.

As above noted, the change is rolling to Insiders. However, this time it is a server-side change, so updating the app is not required. For most users restarting the app is enough. If you are a Windows Insider, but have no Office app installed, you can get it from the Store.

Get the Office app from the Store


1 thought on “Office app for Windows 10 receives new vertical layout

  1. Sargon

    There has never been a more useless app. If it at least opened office web apps within its own window, but it redirects to a browser instead. What’s the point? It may as well just be a .url file pointing to


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