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November Firmware Update for Xbox Series X, S and Xbox One

Microsoft has announced the November November firmware update for Xbox consoles, available for both the Xbox Series X and S and the entire Xbox One family. It includes new color filters, improved audio output, reduced input lag and Bluetooth Low Energy support for older controllers.

Here are some details.

New and improved color filters on Xbox Series X|S

Now available on Xbox Series X|S, the color filters let you customize the visual experience and distinguish between colors that may otherwise appear similar. For example, by modifying the appearance of red or green tones makes those colors more distinguishable to players with red-green color blindness. During game play, this can be especially useful for quickly identifying game elements that might otherwise blend in with the background. Color filters on Xbox Series X|S apply to all elements, including games, movies, apps, and menus.

To get started, go to Settings > Accessibility > Color filters to pick and fine-tune a color filter. You can also set up filters from the Profile and System -> Quick Settings menu.

Updated volume and audio output settings for all Xbox consoles

Optimized audio playback is now available for all Xbox consoles. In particular, in the advanced settings there will be a new option, "Mute speaker audio when headset attached", and a new screen "Audio testing & details".

The volume and audio output settings have been reorganized to make settings easier to access and optimize audio quality. Try the new tool under Settings > Audio testing & details to check your sound settings and reset them to their default values ​​if required.

New game accessibility feature tags in the Microsoft Store

Game developers can now add accessibility tags to their projects, which are used by the Gaming & Disability community, so you can easily find content that suits your needs. This information will appear on the game page in the Microsoft Store, Xbox.com, the Xbox Game Pass mobile app, and the Xbox app for Windows.

Tags can indicate support for features such as adjustable difficulty, custom volume controls, color options, and input remapping. So far, accessibility data has been released for 325 games, including Microsoft Flight Simulator and Sea of ​​Thieves. The ability to sort games by these tags will be added in the coming months.

Controller firmware update

New firmware for Xbox One Wireless Controller (Bluetooth enabled), Xbox Elite Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controller has been released. It brings with it next-generation features previously only available on Xbox Series X | S controllers.

Better cross-device connectivity. These controllers now support Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which improves compatibility with devices and allows for better pairing with them. After updating the firmware, the controllers will be able to remember one Bluetooth connection (for example, with a smartphone) and one Xbox Wireless connection, which means you can easily switch between them by double-clicking the Pair button.

Reduced latency. The controllers also received support for Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) technology, which provides more efficient signal transmission to the console, which makes gameplay more responsive.

Xbox app for mobile phones

New features coming soon to the Xbox smartphone app will help you quickly share game screenshots with your friends. For example, you can create a link to a recorded game moment or screenshot, and then share it on the Internet.

Also in the Xbox app you will be able to see popular content from players. In a special "Trends" section  you can view screenshots and videos, like and comment on users' game captures.

Choosing an Xbox Game Pass plan

Finally, there is a new screen showing information about all existing Xbox Game Pass plans for consoles. The company added detailed information about what is included in each specific plan.

The long comparison page now scrolls horizontally so you can clearly see the benefits of each.

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