Microsoft released a patch to fix YouTube issues in Edge

Recently, Edge users began complaining about YouTube issues in the browser from Microsoft. The application stops responding and consumes enormous amounts of RAM, eventually crashing entirely. One of the Microsoft's engineers confirmed the problem on Reddit and offered users to download Edge Canary as a temporary solution. According to the information from a Microsoft software engineer, Edge Canary was already containing a fix for the problem. Now, that fix is available in the stable channel.

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On Friday, Microsoft released Edge 90.0.818.62 with a partial fix for YouTube video playback. It came from the before mentioned Edge Canary and should solve the problem for many. Still, some users may continue to run into issues with YouTube in Edge. The company continues working on this problem and will soon provide a permanent solution. Unfortunately, there is no information on when the update will be available.


It is worth mentioning that the bug does not affect all users. Also, it mostly happens during full-screen video playback. We had zero issues playing videos on YouTube, while other people have reportedly suffered from a completely broken experience.

By default, Microsoft Edge updates itself automatically in the background without interrupting users' workflow. Still, you can initiate a manual update to force-install new versions. To do so, press the Alt + F shortcut and select Help and Feedback > About Microsoft Edge. You can also open the edge://settings/help link. Once you open the About Microsoft Edge section, the browser will automatically check for updates, download, and install a new version. Be aware that you need to restart Microsoft Edge when the browser is ready to install a fresh update.

In case you missed it, Microsoft is actively working on bringing new preview channels to other platforms. Recently, the company introduced a refreshed Beta channel for iOS and Linux. Also, Edge Dev is now available for Android on the Google Play Store, with the Beta channel coming soon.

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  1. johnny

    It’s great news if they really did it because it was a major issue for edge users. Thanks for updating.


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