Microsoft Edge Web Capture tool received a new Draw with touch feature

Microsoft has updated the Edge browser with a small but useful feature. It is now possible to enable or disable the Draw with touch feature for the built-in Web Capture tool of the browser.

Some time ago Microsoft has added a new feature to Edge Canary, called Web Capture. It can be used to capture and share a portion of a web page, or take a full-page screenshot.

Edge Web Capture Announcement 02

The feature is available from the main menu of the browser. It allows selecting an area of the currently open web page. Once captured, the fragment appears in a preview dialog, and can be further shared, copied to the clipboard, or saved to the disk. Also, the user can add its button to the Edge toolbar.

Starting in the Canary build 89.0.752.0, the Web Capture tool allows you to enable or disable inking with your finger. There is a new button for that.

Edge Draw With Touch Feature

Vyankatesh Gadekar (Senior PM at Microsoft Edge) explains the function of the new button:

This new "Draw with touch" option is to enable/disable inking with finger. Handy for users who want to ink with pen and scroll with touch. It can also be seen in other Microsoft apps supporting inking.

Thanks to Leo for sharing this tip!


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