Microsoft Edge has officially received Command Palette (Quick Commands)

Last month, Microsoft has secretly added "Quick Commands" to Edge, a command launcher that runs built-in browser functions and options directly. Now, the company officially revealed it under the Command Palette name.


The idea of a launcher that allows accessing internal browser features with commands is actually old. The good old classic Opera browser had one, but lost it on the way to the Chromium-based successor.

But recently, Google revived it in the Chrome browser with Commander. Commander is the same launcher that directly launches a specific feature of the browser by typing its name. Now Edge follows the suit.

The feature in Edge is dubbed "Command Palette". Unlike its initial implementation discovered in June, it is no longer limited to Dev Tools commands. It now works with regular features.

Command Palette In Microsoft Edge

Microsoft says that you can use Command Palette to open access various Microsoft Edge browser commands and DevTools commands faster using the keyboard only. Instead of clicking through several menus, you can  productivity and developer features directly.

But it is still hidden behind a flag. So in order to give it a try, you must activate the flag. Also, keep in mind that you need Edge version 105.

Enable Command Palette in Microsoft Edge

  1. Open a new tab and type edge://flags in the URL bar.
  2. Search for the flag name "Command Palette", or directly go to it with this address: edge://flags/#edge-devtools-command-palette.
  3. Select Enabled next to the flag name, and relaunch the browser.Edge Enable Command Palette
  4. Now, press Ctrl + Shift + Space. It will open an input box where you can type the commands.

Edge supports a variety of commands. To discover them, type something in the box.

E.g. type tabs to learn the commands for the tab management. Then type bookmark to see the commands for bookmarks. Finally, type clear to see which commands you can use to clear the browsing data.

If you want to access developer tools commands, then you should enter > in the command box. You will end up with this listing:

Devtools Commands

That's it. The official announcement is here.

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