How to Restore Classic Look in Firefox 89 and Disable Proton UI

You can restore the classic look in Firefox 89 and disable Proton UI if you are not happy with the user interface changes made in this version of the browser. Luckily it is easy and can be quickly done.

Firefox 89 comes with a new look of the user interface of the browser, known as Proton. It includes a lot of changes to how tabs, menus, the address bar look.

Firefox 89 New Look

Firefox 89 UI has been heavily modernized and resembles rounder corners of the upcoming Sun Valley update for Windows 10. The tab row look flat, so only the active tab has a highlight around its name. The main menu doesn't have icons for items, with some commands renamed or removed. So, you will not find the Protection Dashboard and Library items. For the Protection Dashboard feature, you have to click on the site info "shield" icon in the address bar. Instead of Library, Firefox directly shows Bookmarks, History, and Downloads right in the menu.

If you can't stand the new UI in Firefox 89, you can disable it by turning off a couple of options in about:config. Here's how.

Restore Classic Look in Firefox 89 and Disable Proton UI

  1. Open Firefox and type about:config into the address bar.
  2. Hit Enter and click on I Accept the risk to proceed.Firefox 89 About Config Accept Risk
  3. In the search box, enter proton.Restore Classic Look In Firefox 89 And Disable Proton UI Search
  4. To disable Proton UI in Firefox, set the following values to false: browser.proton.enabled, browser.proton.modals.enabled, browser.proton.doorhangers.enabled, browser.proton.contextmenus.enabled.Restore Classic Look In Firefox 89 And Disable Proton UI

This will immediately restore the classic appearance of the Firefox browser.

Firefox 89 Proton Disabled

Keep in mind that the Proton UI is still a work in progress. Firefox 89 is just an initial release with this new look. In the near future, more changes will hit stable releases of the browser, with more and more changes to the user interface. Eventually the above mentioned about:config options may stop working, but at the moment of this writing they work like a charm.

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11 thoughts on “How to Restore Classic Look in Firefox 89 and Disable Proton UI

  1. TheBocaDeb

    Verified! This tweak works exactly as described.

    Thank You Sergey! Spa-SEE-bah! :)

    1. Sergey Tkachenko Post author


      1. Endy Lendri

        Proton was HIDEOUS.

  2. paulb

    Thanks alot, Proton UI is horrible!

  3. Dave

    This page is not formatted correctly. It displays as only black text and blue links on a blank white background, all aligned left, with no other graphics.

    I am using NoScript and Adblocker but other pages on your site appear normally.

  4. Dave

    Right after I clicked “post comment” everything appears normally but the images are all blank.

  5. Juan

    Thanks a lot. New Proton UI is horrible and can’t tell tabs apart.

  6. Richard

    Thanks very much! It was driving me crazy.

  7. H3

    Works! It’s really nice that you can keep the context menus etc but still disable that space wasting tab selector bar

  8. Yinna

    Thank you! I dislike anything that takes up more of my screen, especially at the top. Having the old tabs back is wonderful.

  9. Mark

    Really appreciate this – thank you.

    I really dislike changes being forced on us if we make the mistake of trusting them with automatic update.
    Why could they not have released this “as it was” with an OPTION highlighted to try new bits *if we want*.

    The sad part is, the VAST majority of users will struggle to read the new “extra hard to read if you have old eyes” tabs on the top – and will not have the first idea how to find this page.

    It’s rather sad – but thank you for helping the lucky ones who managed to find your page – it worked a treat!



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