Here are official tips on how to improve Windows updates installation time

Long installation time is one reason why people hate Windows updates. To make this process less annoying, Microsoft has implemented many different changes and improvements. For example, active hours, smaller update packages, the ability to pause Windows Update, and the freedom to choose when to upgrade Windows 10 to the next version. Updating your PC is much less annoying now, yet some people still have a hard time dealing with Windows Update. For these users, Microsoft today shared a few tips on how to improve Windows updates installation time.

How to improve Windows updates installation time

Here are the best practices Microsoft recommends to speed up Windows updates.

Step 1. Use modern Windows 10 versions

First, use a modern Windows 10 version. It is essential to make sure your PC is running Windows 10 1809 or newer. Starting with this version, Microsoft has significantly improved underlying technologies responsible for downloading and installing Windows updates. As a result, cumulative updates are much smaller and more efficient. For example, a set of cumulative updates for Windows 10 1607 one year after its release requires downloading 1.2 GB of data. Windows 10 1809 reduces this size almost four times to an impressive 310 MB. This change is significant for everyone, especially for people with a limited or slow Internet connection.


Step 2. Use a faster drive

Second, use a faster drive. In 2021, SSD drives are available literally to every PC user. You can get an SSD for as little as $20. Microsoft says that switching from an HDD to SSD will improve updates installation time up to six times. This will be a night and day difference in almost every aspect of using your PC.

If you have a computer with a faster SSD (3K IOPS and higher), the CPU may become a bottleneck, so Microsoft recommends a faster CPU to improve updates installation speed. If you cannot buy a better CPU, overclocking may slightly help.

Step 3. Pay attention to your antivirus

Third, pay attention to your antivirus. Never use more than single antivirus software on your computer since such a setup cripples your computer performance significantly.

You can dive deeper into technical aspects of how cumulative updates for Windows work and how Microsoft has decreased their size by reading this post on the Tech Community forum.


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