Google Drive File Stream is now known as Google Drive for Desktop

Google replaces two its apps, Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync with a new app, named Drive for Desktop. The new software is based on company's best enterprise solutions and adds new features for consumers.

The change is caused by the increased number of people working from home these days. Many of them have to use both personal and enterprise data from the same computer. The new app adds convenience to this process. You will now be able to sign in to the new app with both your consumer and enterprise account.

Google Drive For Desktop

Besides this change, there are some new features. First of all, the app will be able to automatically backup your photos to the cloud. Google adds most used Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync feature to the consumer software. Other new features to Google Drive for Desktop include syncing folders like Documents or Desktop or Drive storage, uploading from USB devices, uploading photos and videos to either Google Photos or Google Drive, and support for multiple accounts.

The change is active starting in version of the former Drive File Stream. Google is performing a 3 month roll-out to allow admins and end users to smoothly switch to the new software.

Customers using Backup and Sync can now apply for a beta of the new app to see if it serves well as a replacement. Google will make an advanced announcement when it will be ready to replace it completely, and will provide a migration guide for existing Backup and Sync users.


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