Update Discord before installing February Cumulative Updates

On February 2, 2021, Microsoft released a preview of the upcoming February cumulative updates for Windows 10. These updates will go live today, but before installing them, make sure to update the Discord app on your computer.

 In patch notes for the upcoming updates, Microsoft notes that users may encounter problems running DirectX 12 games with the Discord overlay turned on. A game may show an error or unexpectedly quit. Microsoft says they discovered a compatibility issue and, together with Discord, fixed it in the latest client update. 


Update your Discord client before installing February cumulative updates

Long story short, be sure to update your Discord client before installing February cumulative updates. Otherwise, you may have a hard time running your favorite games. Microsoft says you can also turn off Discord's in-game overlay to mitigate the issue. Do note that there is no need to install any Windows updates to fix games crashing with Discord's overlay. Just make sure you are running the latest version of Discord. 

Some users also report other issues with this month's cumulative updates preview. For example, games crashing, WSL problems, and other. These problems are not wide-spread, and you probably should ignore them altogether (unless you encountered one). Such reports follow every update Windows receives, and it may look like the end of the world comes with every update Microsoft pushes to the wild. The thing is that you simply cannot create a perfect update for an ecosystem that consists of one billion devices with thousands of hardware configurations, different drivers, apps, and services. 

We by no means excuse crippled updates that sometimes go out (recall the file deletion fiasco in late 2018). Still, most of the time, reports about "broken Windows updates" are seriously overstated. 

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