First and second-gen Surface Laptop receive a new firmware

A new month means new patches and updates for Surface devices. This time, the new firmware is available for the first and second-gen Surface Laptop. You can download the updates in the Settings – Security and Updates – Windows Updates. They would be there if your Surface Laptop is running Windows 10 1903 and newer. The chances are that you are already on a newer version, considering that Microsoft is forcing Windows 10 20H2 update to more devices.

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Here is the common changelog for both Surface Laptop 1 and 2. However, this does not mean combined updates, like in the case with the recent update to Surface Pro X and Surface Pro X SQ2. Surface Laptop 1 and 2 have different hardware. As a result, they get different firmware updates.


What's new in Surface Laptop updates

Windows Update History NameDevice Manager NameUpdate
Intel - Extension - 1952.14.0.1470Intel(R) ICLS Client - Extension


Addresses security updates and improves system stability.
Intel – SoftwareComponent - 1.62.321.1Intel(R) ICLS Client - Software devicesAddresses security updates and improves system stability.
Intel - System - 2040.100.0.1029Intel(R) Management Engine Interface - System devicesAddresses security updates and improves system stability.
Surface - Firmware - ME - FirmwareAddresses security updates and improves system stability.

The only firmware update component that is different between these two laptops is the integrated GPU driver. Surface Laptop 1 received version, and Surface Laptop 2 version Anyway, both updates address security issues and improve system stability.

Microsoft is well-known for supporting its devices for quite a while. In fact, even Surface Pro 3, initially released in April 2014, still gets new updates from time to time. Obviously, software updates are an essential aspect of a modern computer, and it is good to see Microsoft delivering quality support for its customers.

As for Surface Duo, which is the only non-Windows device in the family, Microsoft promised three years of frequent updates. Still, the device runs Android 10, and rumors say it will get Android 11 in the coming months.

If you own a relatively modern Surface device (Surface Pro 3 and newer), you can check the device’s lifecycle in the official documentation from Microsoft.

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