Firefox 81 is now available with the new Alpenglow theme

Mozilla is releasing a new Firefox version to the stable branch. Firefox 81 is a minor release that features general improvements and a small number of new features. However, starting with this release, the browser has a new default theme.

Firefox Logo Banner 2020 Optimized

Firefox 81 comes with a new Alpenglow theme, that is also known as "Radiance". It is also available on Mozilla Add-ons web site, so users will able to install and remove it.

Firefox New AlpenGlow Theme Radiance


The theme is pretty and colorful, and consists of mostly the purple and orange colors.

Firefox 81 promotes the new theme over existing users via the about:addons,  andabout:welcome pages, and in the Customize page when you open any of them.

What's new in Firefox 81

  • The above theme.
  • If an installed extension has control over the "Ask to save logins and passwords for websites" setting. you will see this in Settings > Privacy > Logins and Passwords.
  • Media controls now support hardware media buttons, so you can play and pause a video from your keyboard.
  • The updated appearance of the PDF viewer feature.
  • Firefox supports AcroForm, which will soon allow you to fill in, print, and save supported PDF forms.
  • Pocket recommendations are enabled for Austria, Belgium and Switzerland users with the German browser language.
  • New icons in the PiP flyout.
  • The browser supports opening XML, SVG and WEBP files from a local storage.
  • A number of bugfixes and accessibility improvements.


  • Various security fixes.
  • Fixed a bug for users of language packs where the default language was reset to English after Firefox updates.
  • Browser native HTML5 audio/video controls received several important accessibility fixes:
    • Audio/video controls remain accessible to screen readers even when they are temporarily hidden visually.
    • Audio/video elapsed and total time are now accessible to screen readers where they weren't previously.
    • Various unlabelled controls are now labelled making them identifiable to screen readers.
    • Screen readers no longer intrusively report progress information unless the user requests it.

You can get the browser here:

Firefox 81


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