Feedback Portal now accepts feedback for more than 30 Microsoft products

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft launched a new Feedback Portal for users to send their thoughts, complaints, and ideas about Microsoft's products. Back then, Feedback Portal was only accepting posts about Microsoft Teams and the Edge browser. Now, Microsoft is ready to receive all sorts of feedback from users across more than 30 various products.

New Feedback Portal For Edge And Teams

Here is the list of services the new Feedback Portal supports:

  • Microsoft Office Access.

  • Bookings.

  • Microsoft Office Excel.

  • Feedback Web Portal.

  • Microsoft Forms.

  • Immersive Reader.

  • Microsoft 365 Lighthouse.

  • Microsoft Edge.

  • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.

  • Microsoft Family Safety.

  • Microsoft Intune.

  • Microsoft Stream.

  • Microsoft Teams.

  • Microsoft To-Do.

  • Microsoft Viva Insights.

  • Microsoft Viva Learning.

  • Microsoft Viva Topics.

  • OneDrive (regular users).

  • OneDrive for Business.

  • Microsoft Office OneNote.

  • Microsoft Planner.

  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

  • Microsoft Office Project.

  • School Data Sync.

  • SharePoint.

  • Skype.

  • Microsoft Sway.

  • Microsoft Office Visio.

  • Microsoft Whiteboard.

  • Microsoft Office Word.

  • Microsoft Yammer.

Overall, Feedback Portal now supports 33 products.

To send your feedback, visit, sign in with a Microsoft Account, and pick a corresponding forum. You can publish posts, upvote posts from others, bookmark feedback, and receive updates from Microsoft representatives.

Note that the Feedback Portal currently accepts submissions only in English.

Interestingly, Windows 10 and Windows 11 are still missing in the new Feedback Portal. To provide Microsoft with your feedback, use the Feedback Hub on your computer.

Microsoft plans to launch forums for Windows 10 and 11 forums next year. Users are also free to send Microsoft messages about various products using other channels, for example, a built-in feedback tool in Microsoft Edge or Office apps.

You can learn more about the Feedback Portal in the official documentation from Microsoft.

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Author: Taras Buria

Taras is here to cover stories about Microsoft and everything around, although sometimes he prefers Apple.

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  1. Winaero tweaker suggestion. You know that blue help link you click in winaero tweaker app that opens this site in microsoft edge even though your default browser is firefox/chrome. Can you add settings that will make even this edge browser be set to firefox/chrome instead?

    1. it does this
      ShellExecute(‘open’, URL,…);
      it should open the links in your default web browser, not in edge.
      Ensure that you REALLY have firefox/chrome set as your default web browser for HTTPS links.

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