Enable Shared Clipboard In Google Chrome

How to Enable Shared Clipboard In Google Chrome

Starting in Chrome 78, the browser has a hidden feature that allows you to share your clipboard contents via the Google Account used in Chrome for synchronization. Today, we will see how to activate it in Google Chrome.

The Shared Clipboard feature in Chrome supports data exchange between various platforms and operating systems, e,g, you can access your Desktop PC clipboard contents with Chrome on Android. According to Google, the data is protected by end-to-end encryption, which will prevent anyone from accessing it.

At the time of this writing, the actual stable version of the browser is Google Chrome 79. The Shared Clipboard feature is hidden and need to be manually activated before you can give it a try.

The feature requires the same browser version running on both devices, e.g. Chrome 79 Desktop, and Chrome 79 on Android. Also, you need be signed with the same Google Account, since the Share Clipboard feature uses it to transfer the clipboard contents.

When enabled, you will be able to 'copy' the selected text directly to a linked device from the context menu, as shown below.

Google Chrome Shared Clipboard On DesktopGoogle Chrome Shared Clipboard On Android

Google Chrome comes with a number of useful options which are experimental. They are not supposed to be used by regular users but enthusiasts and testers can easily turn them on. These experimental features can significantly improve the user experience of the Chrome browser by enabling additional functionality. To enable or disable an experimental feature, you can use hidden options called 'flags'.

To Enable Shared Clipboard In Google Chrome,

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Type the following text in the address bar: chrome://flags#shared-clipboard-receiver.
  3. Select Enabled from the drop down list next to the Enable receiver device to handle shared clipboard feature option.Google Chrome Enable Shared Clipboard 1
  4. Similarly, enable the flag chrome://flags#shared-clipboard-ui named Enable shared clipboard feature signals to be handled.Google Chrome Enable Shared Clipboard 2
  5. Finally, enable the flag Sync Clipboard service accessible by the address chrome://flags#sync-clipboard-service.Google Chrome Enable Shared Clipboard 3
  6. Restart the browser.Google Chrome Relaunch Button

You are done. The Shared Clipboard feature is now enabled on your Desktop in Google Chrome.

Note: Running Chrome on Android? Enable the flags chrome://flags#shared-clipboard-receiver and chrome://flags#shared-clipboard-ui.

That's it.

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