Download Fire Theme For Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

Fire Theme is a nice themepack available to Windows users. It includes 8 impressive captures of flames to decorate your desktop.


Microsoft ships the theme in the *.deskthemepack format (see below) and can be installed with one click.

Fire Themepack Fire Themepack Stripe

Photographer Marc Schroeder captures fire’s brilliance in the vibrant red, orange, and gold motif of this free, 8-set Windows theme.

Note: The images have author's watermark.

You can download the themepack here: Download the Fire theme from Microsoft Store

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If you have plenty of themes installed, and no longer need them, you can delete custom themes installed manually or from the Store, all at once. Check out Remove All Installed Themes At Once in Windows 10.

The *.deskthemepack file format

Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft invented a new theme format - themepack. It was created so all the theme resources would be packed inside a single file and sharing of such themes would be easy. In Windows 8, the file format was revised to deskthemepack, and supported specifying if the window color would be automatically set based on the dominant color of the desktop background. Windows 10 supports both themepack and deskthemepack formats. Technically, themepack and deskthemepack are usually ZIP or CAB archives that contain images, and the corresponding *.theme text file with image names packed into a long text block.

Interested users can directly extract images from such files. This can be useful for Windows 7 users, since the OS doesn't support *.deskthemepack files. The alternative solution for Windows 7 is Deskthemepack Installer, the app that allows to install Windows 10 and Windows 8 themes in Windows 7 with one click.


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