7 thoughts on “Disable Get Even More Out of Windows in Windows 10”

  1. It is not working in build 1903
    Try to move the system date forward more than 30 days. After restart it is appeared again

  2. The setting has been removed from 20H1:

    The “UserProfileEngagement” isn’t even in the Registry.

    Unfortunately, I still see this screen in 20H1 every month or two, randomly when booting.

  3. I wish there was an update to get rid of this ad. Anyone come up with one? It pops up occasionally on my 15 computers that are remotely dispersed and it prevents Windows from loading anything until it is dealt with….a real pain !!


  4. I looked at three separate computers, all had this annoying message appear on all user logins. None of the computers had the specified registry entry NOR the check option in notifications. So not sure that this solution will do the trick. Currently running Win10 v1909 +2002 updates.

  5. You guys should really date these articles and their contents.

    I just fully updated my Windows 10 pro, and it at 18363.815.

    18945 hasn’t been released yet. How many people are at home right now, not knowing about the “winver” command, and trying to figure out why their fully updated Windows 10 doesn’t have this option in Notifications and Actions?

    Can’t you guys think before publishing???????

    1. 1. The post is dated.

      This entry was posted in Windows 10 and tagged Disable Get Even More Out of Windows, Windows 10 sign-in screen on August 1, 2019 by Sergey Tkachenko.

      2. We always think before publishing. It is hard to be good for everyone and all. People are different.

  6. I’ve tried following this guide the first time I saw this dreaded screen, and unsurprisingly it didn’t work. There is no “Suggest ways I can finish setting up my device to get the most out of Windows” checkbox in my Notification settings, and the regedit trick didn’t work for me. I swear MS is trying to force everyone to use an MS account just to log into Windows. If I get locked out for not wanting to use my MS account in a future Windows 10 update, or if they decide to show this screen every single day, I’ll just downgrade my PC back to Windows 8.1 and build a Hackintosh on 2023 when its support ends.

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