Chrome To Block Intrusive Video Ads

Starting on August 5, 2020, Google Chrome include an updated content blocking feature to block intrusive ads. In order to determine which ads are the most intrusive to web experience, Google relies on Better Ads Standards.

Better Ads Standards are developed by the Coalition for Better Ads group. It has been created by major international trade associations and online media companies.

The group responsible for developing the Better Ads Standards, the Coalition for Better Ads, announced a new set of standards for ads that show during video content, based on research from 45,000 consumers worldwide.

Intrusive Video Ads

There are many different types of ads that can run before, during, or after a video but according to the Coalition’s research, there are three ad experiences that people find to be particularly disruptive on video content that is less than 8 minutes long:
Long, non-skippable pre-roll ads or groups of ads longer than 31 seconds that appear before a video and that cannot be skipped within the first 5 seconds.
Mid-roll ads of any duration that appear in the middle of a video, interrupting the user’s experience.


Google Chrome's Ad Blocking Feature

If you remember, Google Chrome includes a built-in ad blocker. It will soon be updated to block ad experiences mentioned above. This change will go live on August 5, 2020.

"If you operate a website that shows ads, you should consider reviewing your site status in the Ad Experience Report", Google says. Otherwise, your web site may receive sanctions from the search giant.


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