Microsoft Merges Windows Experience and Hardware Teams

Microsoft is going to combine its Windows Experience team with the Hardware team to form a new single team, under the leadership of Panos Panay. By combining these two large teams, Microsoft creates a new Devices + Windows team for (hopefully) a more efficient management.

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The new team will be able to focus on modern Windows approaches like dual screen, silicon diversity, connectivity, app platform etc.

Currently, the Windows Experience team is led by Joe Belfiore, who will be moving to the Office Experience Group. Belfiore will also continue to lead the Essential Products Inclusive Community, which includes Microsoft News and Microsoft's apps on iOS and Android. The Experiences and Devices team is currently led by Rajesh Jha.

The new team will be led by Panos Panay who will report to Rajesh Jha from the Microsoft Senior Leadership team.

Source: ZDNet



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