Chrome on mobile gets price tracking features

With the holidays season quickly approaching, Google wants to provide users with more shopping-related features in Chrome on mobile devices. The latest update for Chrome on Android (and soon on iOS) brings price tracking features to help you follow various items and never miss a discount.


Google Chrome is not the only browser with a built-in shopping assistance. Edge, for example, offers coupon finder and price tracker on mobile and desktop devices (plus some shady financing integrations).

Chrome Price Tracking

Unlike Edge, where users can access coupons in the address bar and track prices in a dedicated panel, Chrome shows discounts on the tab grid. The idea behind the feature is to let users open a product page and keep it open so the browser can track prices and notify about discounts.

As of now, the price tracker in Chrome is available only on Android. Google says Chrome for iOS will follow suit “in the coming weeks.”

Price monitoring is not the only new feature for shoppers in Google Chrome. The browser now places websites with your items in carts into a dedicated space, aka the ultimate shopping cart. All you have to do is open a new tab page, scroll down, and click the “Your carts” card. Some retailers will offer additional discounts when users come back to check out.

The “Your carts” feature is currently available in Chrome on Windows and Mac in the US.

Another new addition to Chrome is the ability to search with a snapshot. You can tap the Google Lens icon in the address bar to scan something that caught your eye during window shopping. The same capability will soon be available on desktop platforms. Google says users will be able to right-click an image and select the “Search images with Google Lens” option.

You can read more about shopping-related additions to Chrome in a blog post on the official Google website.

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Author: Taras Buria

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