Chrome for Android allows enabling dark theme per website

You can now enable the dark theme on specific websites in Google Chrome. There is a new "Dark Theme" option in the main menu of the browser.


With the release of iOS and iPadOS 15 this year, Apple introduced extensions support in Safari for mobile devices, allowing users to customize their experience with various add-ons. Google, on the other hand, does not want to bring Chromium extensions support for Android. Still, the company tries to compensate for that by adding new features and capabilities that third-party extensions bring to the desktop version of Chrome. One of such features is dark theme support for websites. The latest versions of Chrome Canary on Android finally offer the option to invert white backgrounds on web pages for a more comfortable reading experience.

Chrome Android Dark Theme Per Site

Users can now enable the dark theme on specific websites by opening the main menu and toggling the "Dark Theme" option. Alternatively, Chrome has a dedicated section in settings, where it lets users specify on which websites the browser should apply the dark theme and on which it should not. Besides, you can set the browser to enable the dark theme automatically. For example, when your smartphone switches from light to dark mode.

Chrome Android Dark Theme Per Site Settings

Google has been testing the dark theme for websites for quite a while now (including desktop versions of Chrome), but the capability remains unavailable in the stable channel. That means users need to rely on third-party extensions, like Dark Reader or Dark Mode, to darken web pages and invert bright white backgrounds. Other browsers on Android, like Samsung Browser or Kiwi Browser, have built-in dark theme support for websites.

In case you missed it, Google is working on improved text scaling in Chrome for Android to let users increase the text size without breaking the entire page. Also, Chrome for desktops received an improved QR-code generator and a unified sharing hub.

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