Chrome 86 is out with security improvements

Google today released Chrome 86, the next version of the popular browser. It includes a number of security improvements. To name one, if a password was compromised, the browser offers a direct 'change password' button.


Google Chrome is the most popular web browser which exists for all major platforms like Windows, Android and Linux. It comes with a powerful rendering engine which supports all modern web standards.

Chrome 86 Version

Google Chrome 86 comes with the following highlights.

What's new in Google Chrome 86

  • Leaked password checkup on Android: The password monitor feature that was exclusively available on Desktop is now available on Android and iOS. If a password you entered is known to be compromised, the mobile version of the browser will now warn you.
  • Directly change a compromised password. If a password is compromised, Chrome will show a button "Change password". For supported web sites, the user will be able to directly change it.
  • Google's Safe Browsing service is now enabled in mobile versions of the browser. It will protect the user against phishing, malware, and other dangerous sites using its own database.
  • On iOS, the password auto-fill option can now be protected with FaceID.
  • For websites opened via the plain HTTP protocol the Autofill feature will be disabled by default. This may potentially prevent your sensitive data leak.
  • Executable files and archives are now blocked by default from downloading, and the browser is also shows warning for Microsoft Office documents when you are downloading them.
  • The address bar context menu now includes an option to always show full URLs.Google Chrome Show Full URLs In Address Bar
  • For a small select group of users Chrome will elide everything but the domain in the steady-state. The user involved in testing can bring back the full URL on hover (rather than just on click). The simplified domain display will be restored after interacting with the page.
  • For 1% of users, Chrome 86 will come with the FTP feature disabled. Next releases will gradually increase that percent, so with Chrome 88 the FTP support will be removed from the browser.
  • A new 'Update available' indicator.Chrome 86 Update Notification
  • Performance improvements, more restrictions applied to resource usage by background tabs.
  • Also, there are 35 security fixes.

You might be interested in watching the following video:

Download Links

Web installer: Google Chrome 64-bit
MSI/Enterprise installer: Google Chrome MSI Installers for Windows

Note: The offline installer doesn't support the automatic update feature of Chrome. By installing it this way, you will be forced to always update your browser manually.


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