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Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio Code are now available in Microsoft Store on Windows 11

The new Microsoft Store policy for Windows 11, which allows unpackaged classic Win32 apps to be published to the store, has clearly appealed to many developers. With that change the new Microsoft Store is gradually becoming a hub for all Windows desktop applications. Regardless of the underlying technology, be it UWP, Win32 or PWA, the app can be published. Continue reading

How to Open PowerShell as Administrator in Windows 11

There are several ways to open PowerShell as Administrator in Windows 11. Users can run console applications in user mode or with elevated privileges, also known as "Run as Administrator." We have already covered in separate articles how to open Windows Terminal in Windows 11 and how to open PowerShell in Windows 11. Now it is time to show how to run PowerShell as Administrator in Windows 11. Continue reading

Windows 11 Add Separators and Spacers to Start Menu and Taskbar

This post will show you how to add separators and spacers to the Start menu and taskbar in Windows 11. Windows 11 has a fresh Start menu and taskbar with a new design and capabilities. Unfortunately, some of the useful Start menu features from Windows 10 are missing in Windows 11. The most notable omissions are folders, groups, and the inability to move the taskbar around. Continue reading

Microsoft warns about potential instabilities and bugs in upcoming Windows 11 builds

Since the first public build of Windows 11 a couple of months ago, the new operating system from Microsoft has been relatively stable, providing users with the ability to run Windows 11 on primary machines (we do not recommend doing that). While current Windows 11 preview builds work well, Microsoft warns that things are about to get a little rough. In an email to Windows insiders, the Software giant warned testers about potential instabilities in upcoming builds. The company recommends switching from the Dev channel to the Beta channel while the program allows that. Continue reading

Add Show Desktop Shortcut to Taskbar in Windows 11

You can add the Show Desktop shortcut to the taskbar in Windows 11. It will be similar to the button that could be found in the taskbar of Windows XP and Windows Vista. Before Windows 7, all Windows versions had a special shortcut next to the Start menu button. It allowed users to show the Desktop and minimize all windows with a single click. Continue reading

Windows 11 is now available for Azure Virtual Desktop as a preview

Microsoft has announced that customers can run Windows 11 in preview on Azure Virtual Desktop. As you may already know, Azure Virtual Desktop allows users to run virtualized Windows instances in the cloud, allowing them to connect to them from virtually anywhere. Simply put, you can access your work files and applications remotely, not just from the office. Continue reading