Fix: Headphones do not mute speakers in XFCE Linux desktop

Some time ago, I switched from Fluxbox to XFCE in my primary operating system, Arch Linux. I noticed a weird behavior related to the sound system. I have no pulseaudio, only ALSA. When I plugged in headphones, the speakers were not muted. Before installing XFCE, this worked like a charm. Here is a simple solution for this issue.

Linux Mint 17.2 final version released with MATE and Cinnamon

The development team behind the Linux Mint project just released a new version of their Linux distro. A new version, Linux Mint 17.2 "Rafaela", includes a lot of interesting changes and improvements. Both MATE and Cinnamon editions were released. This release is the final version of Linux Mint 17.2.

How to install MATE in Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition

As you might be knowing, Linux Mint features two desktop environments which are in development by the Mint team. One of them is Cinnamon which comes with rich graphical effects and a very nice look, and the other one is MATE, the fork of the good old Gnome 2, which is simple, fast and requires no introduction to those familiar with Linux environments. Once you install Linux Mint with Cinnamon, you might be interested in installing MATE alongside Cinnamon. Here is how to do that.

Cinnamon 2.6 is out

Cinnamon is the default desktop environment of Linux Mint besides MATE. Unlike MATE, which is based on Gnome 2, Cinnamon is built on top of GTK3 and Gnome 3 technologies. Cinnamon provides the classic experience with a Desktop, taskbar and apps menu in all supported Linux distros. Yesterday developers of Linux Mint released Cinnamon version 2.6. Here what's new in Cinnamon 2.6

Fix: Window centering in XFCE does not work properly

Recently, in the Linux distro I use, I switched from the Fluxbox desktop environment to XFCE, because XFCE provides some unique and nice features for me like the ability to re-order taskbar buttons. In Fluxbox, I had set up all windows to open at the center of the screen with a hack. XFCE also comes with the ability to center new windows out of the box, however, it fails for me from time to time. Here is how to get rid of the issue so windows are centered properly.

How to partition your hard drive to install Linux Mint

Starting today, I would like to cover Linux here at Winaero! There's no need to panic. It will not replace our regular Windows articles and we will not shift the focus from Windows to Linux manuals and tutorials. However, it will be a nice addition for everyone who wants to give Linux a try for the first time if they are not satisfied with Windows. We will show on our blog how to prepare your PC to install Linux in a dual boot configuration. Today's article is about how to partition the disk drive and optionally make it use a single partition. If you plan to switch to Linux in the future, or if you are just curious about this operating system, you will enjoy it.

Fix Banana Pro error: command failed to execute correctly in Arch Linux

I am a big fan of Arch Linux and I use it everywhere - as my main OS, at all my computers and even on SoCs like Banana Pro. Recently I installed the Arch Linux image on my Banana Pro and faced an issue that every time I would install a package with pacman, it produced the following error:

error: command failed to execute correctly

Here is a fix to get rid of this message.

Banana Pro overclocking and CPU tuning

Banana Pro is a card-sized low-power single board ARM-based computer (SoC) which can run Android, Linux distros and other systems. In this article, we will see how to change the default CPU overclocking settings for the Banana Pro board. As a result, it will be possible to get a fine-tuned CPU clock and reduced chip temperature. Let's see how.